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Upcoming Events

Stay up to date with the VR-SIM Carers initiative with our regularly updated news and events section! Here you can find our latest news articles, press releases, and announcements related to the project. Explore our upcoming events and stay in the loop! Here, you'll find key details about exciting happenings in our project. Plan ahead, mark your calendars, and join us for enriching experiences.



June 24, 2024


8:30 - 3 pm

Our program development depends on co-designing with you, our caregivers!  To ensure that your voices are integrated, please join Carla Velastegui and Ron Beleno in our upcoming Caregiver Engagement Meetings (to be held on Zoom).  Help us plan better by providing your availability through our Doodle poll.  Looking forward to engaging you in open dialogues and collaboration. 

Ontario Shores will host up to 50 guests and caregivers at a Knowledge Summit on June 24 (Monday).  Family caregivers for persons living with dementia, and VR researchers, clinicians, and representatives of community agencies and organizations will be invited to partake in panel discussions, and provide feedback on our VR-SIM Carers Prototype. Join us for a day of knowledge exchange and practical insights.  Contact us if you would like to be join us.

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