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Refka Al-bayati

Research Assistant

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Current research topics

Simulation in Healthcare: Integration of simulation methodologies within healthcare contexts, exploring synergies to enhance education, training, and overall system efficiency


Caregiver Training for Enhanced Skills and Immersive Learning through VR: Utilizing virtual reality as a transformative tool for caregiver training, aiming to empower individuals in cultivating essential caregiving skills and fostering a more immersive learning experience.


Optimizing Dementia Care through VR: Enhancing the care for dementia patients through the utilization of virtual reality tools, exploring innovative approaches to provide them with optimal support and well-being.

Current tasks associated with the VR-SIM Carers initiative

VR Headset Usability Evaluation: Assisting in orchestrating research usability testing during roadshow events, where participants will evaluate VR headsets to provide insights on user-friendliness through a talk aloud protocol. This initiative aims to identify areas for improvement and enhance ease of use based on user feedback


Researcher: Exploring the most effective ways to leverage VR technology and addressing the logistical aspects of refining the research methodology for optimal outcomes, as well as contributing to the completion of Research Ethics Board (REB) submissions and survey development. 


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