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Cole Craven

Cole Craven

VR Developer

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Current research topics

Virtual Reality Applications for Healthcare:  Exploring the potential of VR in healthcare settings, focusing on its impact on patient well-being.

Games & Simulation Development:  Leveraging Unreal Engine to create immersive simulations and games for entertainment and educational purposes.


Strategies in Dementia Care: Investigating innovative strategies and technologies to enhance the quality of life for individuals with dementia.


UX/UI Design: Designing user-friendly interfaces and experiences to ensure accessibility and ease of use.


Accessibility within Game Development: Ensuring that the games and simulations I create are inclusive and accessible to users with diverse needs by the time of launch.

Current tasks associated with the VR-SIM Carers initiative


VR Simulation Developer

Developing and enhancing scenarios in VR (e.g. improving dialogue systems, enhancing quest systems, adjusting movement features, experimenting with widgets for the user interface)


Technology Facilitator

Providing support at roadshows by instructing users on VR headset usage and scenario navigation.

Providing insights relating to the development process, and the capabilities of Virtual Reality.



Ongoing research into Unreal Engine capabilities and techniques for specific project requirements.


Researching the integration of Metahumans in VR and their functionality relating to system performance 

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